Monday, April 09, 2018

Back at Janes Island State Park

We are back at our summer location for a few months at Janes Island State Parks. The weather has been cold and windy the whole time that we have been back hoping that it will warm up soon. Everything is going good and we getting used to being back in a Motor Home again. We traded our 5th wheel and truck while we where in Florida for the winter. We have a few little things that we want to do to it and a few mods to make it more dry camping friendly. We are looking for to being able to see our friends and family over then summer months.

We have had a lot of people stop by the camp site in our travels and asking about how to get into Camp Hosting. Some of the web sites that we use to find Camp Host openings are Coleen's Workers on WheelsWorking CouplesVolunteer.govWorkamping Jobs are just a few that we use and check often. We try to sign up 6 months to a years in advance because some of the opening fill up fast. In some cases there is a emailing list that you can join to receive opening as they are posted. Camp Hosting can be a lot of fun if you do your home work. We always look at the campgrounds web site to learn more about them and in most cases look at the area on Google Maps and Street View to get and better ideal about the area and check to see where the nearest shopping is. Also good ideal to call and ask about phone and internet service ( or the lack of ) we have ran into this several time where there was little to no phone and internet service. You can not depend on campground wifi because alot of time there is little or no signal at the sites and if a lot of campers are on and streaming videos it can get slow. Most of the time we use our Hot Spot and Our phone as a hot spot, this way in most cases we can use the internet. And if your phone is capable turn on WiFi Calling. 

After signing up we have found that it is best to always call ahead and ask about sites size, hook-ups and the amount of hours and work required. We also call about 1 to 2 months before arriving to see if anything has changed and let them know what time we will be arriving. Once we are on sites and setup we try to get to touch we the person in charge and find out the work schedule , get any tools needed and lwt them know that we are ready to start work. We have found that in most cases they will give you a few days to settle in and get to know the area. There is a lot more that we could talk about but for now hope this helps.

Friday, March 02, 2018

Back to Maryland

Finished up our stay at Camp Mack RV Resort in Lake Wales Florida on Wednesday and pulled out to head back to Maryland due to Gwen having to have surgery.  I will keep everyone posted on how she makes out. We had a great time and as always made some new friends to keep in touch with. When we left Camp Mack it was 85 degrees and when we arrived in Maryland it is in the 40's with 50 mph winds.

The first night back we made a stop at the Wal-Mart in Onley Virginia for the night and the winds where starting to pick up. Then we got a calll that told us the campground we where going to was closed due to the high winds and bad weather.  So Today we pulled out  to   have the coach battery looked at .  On the way there the winds where so high that it took off our slide out awning and almost took the Motor Home  off the road it was blowing so hard that it put us in the other lane, there was nothing I could do but to hold on. Do not want to ever do that again.

Looking forward to getting back to Jane's Island State Park and seeing all our friends  and getting some amazing Sea Food. But for now guess we have one or two days in the Wal-Mart parking lot until the weather clears up. Nothing else to do but eat ice cream  and watch TV .  Could be worse.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Winter in Florida

Our winter in South Central Florida has been a warm and sometimes hot for what we are used to but for the most part we have enjoyed it. We sre looking forward to having some cooler weather when we head back North. Looking forward to seeing all our friends and family.

As some of you might already know we are back in a motor home again.  It happened fast and we had not planned on making the move, it just kinda happen  after we had started looking for something different.  The rest is a long and funny story that we post at later date but for now we have the motorhome and car to pull behind it..

We where able to unpack the 5th wheel and put everything in one of the maintenance bays and then park the motorhome  at the door and start packing the motor home.  It was a two day process and took some careful planning to find a spot for everything in the motorhome.  It seemed like the 5th wheel had a little more cabinet space. But we managed to find a spot for everything. .

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Winter at Camp Mack Florida.

The weather here at Camp Mack has been really nice so far this winter.  We are having a great time taking boat rides out on the Lakes and hanging out with friends. 

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we have not one but two dinners to attend so by the end of the day I am sure I will be ready far a long nap. Gwen is cooking again on Saturday so we will be doing it all over again. Not sure what it is this year but we are missing our kids and grand kids this year, guess it is because we have not been home for the Holidays in a lot time.

I still have not been able to get on a Air Boat ride but I still have plenty of time and we have been a little busy doing other things.

The weekends here at Camp Mack can be busy at time with the fishing tournaments going on and all the boaters coming out far a day on the Lake.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Month One At Camp Mack

Month 1 has gone by fast here at Camp Mack in Lake Wales Fl. We did finally get our camper back after Camper World had it for 3 weeks doing repairs from a major tire blow out. Seems like they got everything fixed.

We are spending a lot of time down by the water watch the boats and alligators. The Air Boats look like a blast and hope to go on one before we leave.

We have a nice site with brick paver and nice and level.  Just would to have a little more shade.  There a lot of work camper in our loop so we are have a good time.

November and December it will get busy here with all the snow birds coming in for the winter and there will be a lot going on at the docks

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Camp Mack, Lake Wales Fl.

We have been here at Camp Mack for almost a week and we are having a good time. We are still in the motel and waiting for our camper to be repaired at Campers World. They said it would be done to a week so we will see. Lot of damage from tire blow out.

On Saturday there was a fishing tournament  and then a band played from 4:00 to 7:00. Everyone had a good time sitting  by the docks and listen to the band and watching the air boats go by. We come drown to the docks every night and talk with the other work campers and guess and enjoy the fire pit.

There is a lot to do and see here with with all the air boats coming and going ,  the food trailer , pontoon boats and airboat rides and sitting on the docks and watching the Gators swimming  by.

Phone service is poor in the campground and wifi is not much better. The is a few spots that we can manage to make a call or send a text.  Will post to here and Facebook whenever possible.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Yet Another Break Down

Today started off good and everything was going great until we crossed in Georgia on I95 when we had a tire blow out. Theses tires are only two years old and already had two them blow. To make matters worst it also took out the wiring harness that was running to that side on the frame and also some how pushed the side out about 3 inches now it will come in but not all the way and will not go back out all the time and makes funny noise. So here we set in a camp ground until tomorrow so we can call around and find out who can work on it and make all the repairs. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Skyline Drive VA

Day two on the drive and we are having great weather and the leaves on the trees have stated to change already. The campground is full so we where lucky tp get a site for the week. We will be leaving next Friday. We have seen 3 bears already a mom and 2 baby cubs. Phone service on the mountain is spotty at best so will update as often as possible. For the next week it is just going to a lot of what we do best, eating and relaxing, and take lots of naps.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

End of Summer

It is hard to believe that summer is coming to a end and that in a week we will be leaving Jane's Island State Park and headed to Skyline Drive VA.  We are looking forward to spending a week in the mountains before going to Florida for the winter.  We will miss going to Texas but will be able to get back there next winter.

I have just about got most of the little projects finished up that I wanted to get done. Have the new electric box wired up for the generator. Rewired bath room light for new LED . Lot better lighting then what we had before and now in the process of doing the rest of the light as soon as they get here. They where shipped out today. Will not take long once we receive then.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Summer Almost Over

Summer is almost over and our time here at Jane's Island State Park ( Camp Hosting ) is coming to a end. As always we have enjoyed our time here and will miss the staff and our good friends doing the winter months. Not a lot new to report on over the summer things have for the most part been the same. As with every summer we spend here at Jame's Island we have meet some good friends that we will be following their travels and maybe meeting up with doing the winter months. We have a few small projects to finish before we leave but should have them all done in the next few weeks.

We had a great Labor Day Weekend and had plenty of things to keep us busy. On Sat the kids had a great time at the Crab Derby that is held every weekend . The kids always have a great time and for some it is the first time they have ever been crabbing.

On Sunday we had a cook out with all our friends, Family and Jane's Island staff. We had a good time and best of all some amazing food. Glad we know some good cooks. For those who could not make it we are sorry because you missed out on some good eating.

We had planned on going back to Lake Corpus Christi in Texas but had to change our plans, more on the later. Looks like we will be headed to Skyline Drive VA. for about a week and then to Camp Mack in Lake Wales FL. for the winter months and then to Hamburg State Park Georgia. Having to stay on East Coast this year.  We are looking for to Hosting in Georgia it will be the first time we have spend more than a few days in the state. We have not set a departure date yet but we should have one set in a week or so. Can not wait to spend some time in the mountains of Skyline Drive VA. We will post any updates as soon as we have them.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Jane's Island State Park

We are back Camp Hosting at Jane's Island State Park in Crisfield Md. This is where we will be spending the biggest part of our summer. We enjoy hosting at this park and come back here every summer. The main reason is both our families live in the area about a hour away and we can be close by and see the grand kids from time to time. Plus they have some good seafood. We are hosting with our good friends Vince and Nancy that we meet about 5 years ago. It is nice having good friends around.

The park this time of year is usually close to being full and it keeps us busy. They try to have a lot of events for the kids on the weekends and we help out when ever we can. Most of the time we try to make the Crab Derby and Tie-Die, love watching the kids faces that is the best part of camping watching the kids having fun.

It will not be long before we start making our plans for the trip south for the winter.  This summer seems to be going by faster than normal, guess that is because we are having so much fun. We are already starting to make our travel plans for next year looking for new places and new things to do. We are always on the lookout for some place new to visit. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Last Days at Assateague Island National SeaShore

I does not seem that we have been here a Assateague Island National SeaShore for a month now but in 3 short days we will be leaving. We have enjoyed our time Camp Hosting here. We had a great time working with the staff here they a great. The weather was great the entire month. Also spent some time with our good friends Mike and Cindy who we hosted with in the past and a Tim and Kelly was also here part of the month. The ponies where a lot of entertainment for us as they where in the camping loops almost every day. As usual we meet and made some good friends,  that is one one the best parts of camp hosting and full time RVing. These are just a few of the pictures taken while we where here on the Island.