Sunday, September 04, 2016

Campground Evacuated

Our campground was evacuated on Sat. because of the Hurricane that was coming up the coast. All the local news channels said that there was going to be a lot of rain and wind and a large amount of flooding. So we where evacuated on Sat. and drove to a local Walmart where us and two other rigs went until things settled down a little. Well guess what the weather service and the local stations where all wrong again. No rain to speak of, very little wind and little or no flooding in our area. We where able to return back to our site today after only one night at the local Walmart. We are now set back up and enjoying life again.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer Almost Over

It is hard to believe that summer is almost over. We are getting ready for the last big weekend of the season here at Janes Island State Park. The campground is booked solid so we are going to have a very busy weekend. We are glad that Jeff and Maria ( Camp Host ) came in a little early and can give us a hand. We love camp hosting here at Janes Island State Park , the staff are great to work with and this is one of the nicest State Park in Maryland. I guess that is why the local call it the best kept secret in Maryland. They still have a few more events coming up before the season is over one of them is Coastal Clean Up Day. They have had a good volunteer turn out in the pass years for this event and is a great way to give back to the park service.

SAM_1097 The kids always seem to have the best time and they seen to enjoy the boat ride out to the beaches around  the park where they will be helping to pick up trash the has been left behind or that has just washed ashore. You would believe how much trash that is picked in a few short hours by the kids and volunteers. must of the time it is a farm wagon full of all kinds of thing. At the end of the event everyone that help is give a nice free t shirt for helping out. This event is held a lot of different parks so if you see one in your area you might want to give it a try. Will try to get so pictures of this year event and post them at a later date.


Planning Time Again

It is time to start planning our trip South for the winter this year. We will be doing the same as last year taking our time going to Texas and staying at a few different parks along the way. Of course we will be spending some time at Big Meadows on Skyline Drive in Va. this is one of our favorite places to camp and visit. Gwen loves riding up and down the drive looking for Black Bears. We have been lucky enough to see a lot of them over the years. From Big Meadows our next planned stop is going to be the Smoky Mountains. We have been there before years ago so though it would be nice to spent a few days and do a little sightseeing. From there we have not made to many plans as to where we want to stop or camp for a few nights. We have planned our route for the trip and will be going by way of Tennessee and Arkansas on the way to Texas. After hearing about all the flooding down south thought it might be better to stay away from the Gulf Coast Sates this year.  I10 is bad enough when it is not flooded. We have traveled that route a few time and it was rough and a lot of pot holes. When we get to Texas we will be camp hosting at Lake Corpus Christi State Park for the months of November and December. We also have a good friend that is moving to Texas so we are looking forward to hanging out with them while we are in the area. Then from there we will either be at Padre Island National Seashore or Fort Parker State Park for the months of January and February and possibly March. After that we will be taken it one day at a time. We still have some planning to do trying to decide how long we want to take to get to Texas and where to stay and for how long along the way. We still have plenty of time we are not leaving Janes Island State Park until the middle of October.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Looking Back

Having some free time on my hands I decided to go through some of the pictures on the computer and clean things up little. Though that I would post some of our favorite pictures from over years of camping. We have had all types of campers over the years and have had a great time in all of them. It would be hard to say the one we liked to most. The best part is all the good friends we have made over the years and still keep touch with.

Truck Camping

We had 3 truck camper over the years and loved this type of camping. It was easy to just pack up and go. One of our favorite places was camping at the Bull Pen on Assateague Island National SeaShore in Maryland. We had some great time there. The first truck camper was a 8 foot pop-up.

Our 2nd truck camper was a 9 1/2 foot hard sided camper. I could not find any pictures of the last truck camper , guess I some how deleted them. 

We had a lot of good time camping on the beach, great cook outs and lots of parties. This is where we made a lot of good friend and spent a lot of time laying in the sun.

Our Pull Behind

After the truck campers we decided to try a pull behind, a 33 foot was one side out. We did a lot of mountain camping with this camper and spent a lot of time in the Skyline Drive VA. area. This is one of our most favorite places to go camping and will be going there again this coming Oct. We like spending time on the drive looking for bears and have seem many over the years.

Bears we have seen 

Mountain Views

Our favorite sunsets

We have a lot more but don't have time to add them all it is getting late and I need to get some sleep. I will be adding more as time allows at a later date.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Dog days of summer

It has been in the 90 here for over a week with no rain in sight. I am done with summer might have to rethink our plans for next summer and go some places a little cooler in August.  We can not remember it being that hot before. And now we are hearing that I 10 is damaged because of all the flooding down in the South.. May have to look at a different route to Texas in October when we head South for the winter.. But for now cranking up the AC and staying inside.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lost Post update

After two days of working on the Blog it seems that a lot of my older post are gone far good. Have not been able to fix the problem. Guess it time to just move on and keep on with new post of our travels. Will not be long and we will be headed South for the winter so will be updating the Blog as often as possible. See you on the road.

Lost Pictures

For some reason Blogger has dropped a lot of my pictures for my older post for 2015 and earlier. Seems that it some how lost a lost of my 2015, 2014, 2013 and all my earlier post.  I am working on trying to get them back but have not had any luck so far. Hoping I can fix it soon. This is the part I hate about posting a web site ( ugh ).

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summer Half Over Already

Assateague Island National Sea Shore

Our summer here on the Eastern shore of Maryland is half over already, Where has the time gone? We had a great time while we where at Assateague Island National Sea Shore. Met up with some old friends and also made some new one. That's the best part of traveling full time is getting to meet new people and making new friends. The weather was great although it did start to get a little hot the last week we where there. It was good  seeing all the great staff, They are some of the nicest people you could meet.

The ponies on Assateague seemed to be a little more active this year and there was a lot of fighting over females in the herds. Also saw a couple of new Foals this year. Loved seeing the ponies hanging around the camp sites . A lot of time they where trying the steal someones dinner. It can happen if you leave food out. We have seen a lot of tents and screen houses broken into by the ponies.

Janes Island State Park

As everyone knows Janes Island State Park is one of our favorite camp grounds. We have a lot of good friends here and our kids and grand kids are not far away. We like it here because the fishing is great and lots of seafood to be had. With the miles of water trails and the beach on the island it is paradise for anyone wanting to do a little Kayaking and Canoeing. Most of all the sunsets are beautiful.

Again we are making plans for winter and planning our route to Texas. We will be hosting at Lake Corpus Christi State  Park again this year and 2 others to be named later. Like last year we will be making a few overnight stays along the way. In the mean time I have a lot of things I would like to do to the 5th wheel before we hit the road, One of the biggest is to wash and wax the whole rig ( no little task ). We are looking forward to spending so time in little cooler weather. 


We now have a good Internet source again so we will try to do a little better job of updating the site a little more often. Most of the time campground WiFi sucks. We have found a few new devices that seems to work to boost WiFi signals and will post a update on them later. But for now we have to close. 

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Assateague Island update

We are about half through our month as camp host  here on Assateague Island National SeaShore and everything is going great. The ponies are out and about and causing their normal problems. Most of it caused by camper not storing food properly and getting to close and trying to pet them (that's a big no no). We did get to see one of the new ponies a few days ago and where told there are two somewhere on the island that we have not seen. Hope to have some pictures soon. 

We again had to restring some of our Day-Night shades  but this will be the last time we should have to do them. This time I uses 50 pound test fishing, should take a lot to break . Did not get any pictures this time but will try on the last 3 shades when they  need to be repair.

We are looking forward to the upcoming 4th of July weekend.  The camp ground is fully  booked , so we will busy.  The fire works on the beach will be good if the weather stays noce.

Internet  is still limited here on the Island so will update again when possible.  I have been using  over my limit of data on my phone.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Assateague Island National SeaShore

We have been here at Assateague Island National SeaShore  for five days  now and everything is going great. We will  be camp hosting here until July 14. After the first two days of rain the weather has been good . It alway seems to rain when we get to a new place.

The ponies seem to be more active this year than in the past. They come around our camp site 2 or 3 times a day.  Alot of times while we are sitting around the fire they will show up for a visit.  The camp fires have been nice and great way to unwind after a long day.

The campground is very busy this time of year and the camp sites do not say empty for long so there is always something going on and someone new to talk with. We are looking forward to the 4th of July weekend and the big fire works show in Ocean City we should be able to see them here from the beach

The only thing missing here is Internet access or wifi some we will update as often as possible.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spring Update

We have not had much to post the last month or so. We are getting ready for the busy season here at Janes Island State Park. The park is looking good and ready for a busy camping season.

Annual Get Together
We are looking forward to our annual
get together with park staff and camp host. It is all you can eat steam crabs, chicken,  shrimp,  clam strips  and  corn on the cobb.  I ate way to much last year and I plan on doing the same thing this year. It should be a great time we have a lot more people going this year.

Truck Damage
A couple days ago I was backing up and heard a noise and felt a bump.  I got out and walked to the back and saw the damage . Where did that tree come from? It was one of those " oh shit moments ". Going to drop it off tomorrow to get it repaired.  Guess we will be driving a rental car for the next week or so.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Back In Maryland

We are back in Maryland Janes Island State Park where we will Camp Hosting for the big part of the summer. It was nice coming back and getting to see all our friends and family that we had not seen in a while. I think the bad weather was following us because on the day we arrived at our site at Janes Island Sate Park it was raining hard and we could not get into our site because of the soft ground and the mud, so we had to setup on a water front ( not a bad thing ) until our site dries out. Then on day two we woke up to this.

Thankfully it did not last long, it rained again and most of it was melted in a few days. Maybe we are done with the bad weather for now (thinking spring).

Now that we are back and will be in one place for a while we have a few projects that we are thinking about and want to do. I have been working on the plans for our wifi repeater for a while now and think that we have decided on the parts that we will need and where to install it. This has been in the planning stage for a long time and hope to get working on it in a week or so. One of the other big projects we are thinking about to removing the carpet in the sitting area and installing wood or laminate flooring. We are tired of dealing with the sand and dirt in the carpet and it will make it a lot easier to clean when we go to Assateague Island National Seashore June 15th - July 15th. and then return back to Janes Island to finish out the summer before we head South again for the winter.

We are really looking forward to hooking up with some of our camping friends that we have met of the years. They will be camping with us in the coming months and a few will be joining us as camp host. Until then we a enjoying the sunsets and waiting for a cold  pitcher of beer and steam cabs.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Winter 2015 - 2016 Trip Review

Our winter trip South stated out with us leaving Maryland the first of Oct. and heading to Front Royal Va. where we spent a couple of days at Front Royal campground before heading to Big Meadows campground in Skyline Drive Va. for two weeks with our good friends and fellow camp host Vince and Nancy. We meet these guys while we where camping at Janes Island State Park in MD. and became good friends.  A lot of time was spent setting around the camp fires and talking about where we where going next and what or where we were going to eat.  We also where lucky enough to see a mother and her three cubs feeding in the wood near one the lookouts.

After two great weeks of fun and sightseeing it was time to leave and said our good byes to Vince and Nancy and start on leg two of our Trip.

Stop number 3 on our way to Texas was Sevierville TN. where we would be spending a few days shopping and sightseeing. I picked up a few jars on Moonshine that I planned on sharing with our friends in Maryland we return to Janes Island State Park.

The next stop (4) was in Birmingham AL. where we stayed for one night at Tannehill Iron Works Historical State Park before moving on. Tannehill is a nice and clean little State Park. We did not have time to see a lot of it but did like what we did see. 

Stop number 5 was in New Orleans for a few days. We hit Bourbon St. on day 2 two. All I can say if you have never been there put it on your bucket list. This is also where we had break down #1  a bolt in the shift linkage came out causing it not the go in Park. Had it fixed and we where back on the way. Then as we where pulling out of New Orleans to our next stop we had break down #2 lost all the brakes on the 5th wheel. After 3 hours in the shop we where back on the road and on our way.

Stop number 6 was just outside of Huston Texas where we stopped at Walmart for the night after a long day and was too tired to move on. After a good nights sleep it was time to fuel up and move on. Diesel fuel seemed to be getting cheaper making us happy.

Stop number 7 was Leisure RV Resort and Campground in Fentress TX.  where we had planned on staying for two months as Camp Host. On day two of our stay we where evacuated from the camp ground because the management said that the San Marcos river at ran through the camp ground was at flood stage and we had about 3 hours to get packed up. Happy to say we made it out in time. This is what it looked like after we when back to see the damage.

After seeing all the damage in the campground after the water level had dropped back to normal we decided we did not what to pull our 5th wheel back in and hook up to electric boxes that just hours before where under water. If was at this point that we decided to start toward Corpus Christi for a week or two and spend a little time with family. 

Stop number 8 Lake Corpus Christi State Park. We pulled in thinking we where going to stay about 2 week two weeks and then moving on to Arizona for the rest of the winter before going back to Maryland for the summer. As we where checking in we learned that they where in need of a Camp Host due to the fact that hosts that where due in had broke their and could not come. So we decided to stay as Hosts for the next two months before heading to Arizona. This is where we had break down # 3 truck was dead and would not start ( two dead batteries ) in the truck. Then about two weeks before we where due to leave we received a call from Ocala National Forest. They where in need of a Camp Host, so again we had a change in plans and at the end of our stay in Texas we would be headed to FL.

Stop number 9 Cracker Barrel in Lafayette Louisiana after a long day on the road and in need on a good meal and some sleep. After a good night of rest we where back on the road.

Stop number 10 Fontainebleau State Park in Mandeville Louisiana where we stayed two days before hitting the run again. 

Stop number 11 Falling Waters State Park Chipley FL. This park has a water falls the drops into a large sink hole. Did not think we would see a water falls in FL. Like most of the stops we made it was raining when we setup at our campsite. We did manage to get a nice cement site with lots of space.                                                                                                                                                         

We enjoyed our stay and got some much need rest before moving on.

Stop # 12 Ocala National Forest our finial stop before going back to Maryland for the summer. Ocala National Forest is a large park ( 630 sq miles ) in central FL with several campgrounds within the park. There are miles of ATV and UTV trails for everyone to enjoy. Most of the campgrounds are very primitive with most having no hookups at all so if you are planning on camping there bring water and empty holding tanks. We had a nice cement pad site with sewer hookup.

 The Forest service supplied a 3000 watt Honda generator with gas and a 100 gallon water tank. We are at Lake Delancy West campground in the Northern part of the forest. This is one of the more popular campground due to the fact that you could unload and drive your ATV and UTV to and from your campsite. We enjoyed our time at the park even though camping with no hookups can be work at time. The weather in in FL. the last few weeks we where there was not as warm as we would have liked causing us to have to run the propane furnace more than we would have liked causing us to have the refilled every 4 or 5 days. 
We did not get to update the web page because we had no internet or cell signal in the forest.

 One of the roads coming into our site was 3 1/2 miles long dirt road. This is one of miles of road running through the forest.

The road in could get a little messy after it rained but for the most part the Forest Service did a good job keeping it graded. 

We decided to cut our stay in FL. short by about 3 week to start back to Maryland where we will be spending the summer at Janes Island State and Assateague Island National Seashore. We departed FL. on the 8th of February for Maryland. On the way back we noticed that the battery light came on in the truck. Looks like it is not charging. After a long day of driving we decided to pull into a Walmart for a few hours sleep. The next morning the truck started up fine but after a few miles the battery light was back on again. It was at it point that we decided to drive straight through to Maryland.