Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hot Springs Arkansas

Spent the day sightseeing at Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. We took a nice drive in the and around the Park and had a good day. Hot Springs is a nice town with lots of shopping and things to do and see. It is also the home of the Clinton's but I will not hold that against them. The views from the the mountains ( or hills ) nice , it was a little hazy so some of the pictures did come out as good as I would have liked. The ride up the Mountain Tower was fun although Gwen had her eyes closed most of the way up. We where only able to go to the second level, the third level was closed, but we where still able to get some nice pictures. These where taken from the second level of the tower.


The pictures below where taken from the mountain drive and lookouts.

Tomorrow we will be leaving the Hot Springs and if all goes as planned will be in North Texas sometime in the afternoon. At this point we are not sure just how far or how long we are going to drive. We are due in Lake Corpus Christi State Park on Nov 1st  so we still have a little time.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Tennessee Hills Campground Reveiw

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If you are planning on staying at Tennessee Hills Campground and you have anything bigger than a small pop-up or camper I would make other plans. The road going into the campground is nothing more than a dirt and gravel road that is very steep and has some sharp switch backs ( you all most meet your self ) and is very ruff and narrow. If you are lucky enough to make it up the road without tearing up something and make it to the campground the sites are not level and some are very hard to back into and some are just impossible it you have a larger rig. We did call ahead and where told that there was room for our 34 foot 5th wheel ( wrong ) . It is more suited to be a hunt camp and not a campground, There is nothing there no store, we did not see a bath or shower house. There was not a office that we could fine. As soon as we could get turned around we made the slow and ruff trip back down the hills and was lucky enough not to damage anything and was able to fine a lot better place to spend some time.

Made to Arkansas

We pulled out of Loretta Lynn Ranch today and after a 6 hour drive  we are now at Cloud Nine  RV Park. In the Hot Springs area of Arkansas.  Our plans where to stop In Memphis TN. But we where making such good time we decides to just keep on driving. I will say however that I 40 roads are as ruff as any we have been on . After we got to Arkansas they seemed to get a little better. Cloud Nine RV Park is a nice little park . Looks to be very clean and we'll kept. Will be here until Wednesday then will be headed to Texas.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Loretta Lynn ' Ranch Campground

We are spending some time at Loretta Lynn Ranch  and Campground.  This is a really nice park and we are having a great time just kicking  back and relaxing. We have been spending a lot of time at the campground there is a lot to do and see. We will be until Monday and headed to Little Rock Arkansas.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Change in plans again

We where due the leave Sevierville TN and head to Nashville TN. Today but when we got up this morning I could barely walk on my left foot. So we have decided to stay put for one more day.  We have had a good time sightseeing in the Smoky Mountains . Traffic has been crazy the last few days here in Sevierville , Pigeon Forge  and Gatlinburg. We took a little drive last night to see everything all lit up. The more I move around my foot feels a little better so maybe it will be better by the end of the day.

Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway
The fall leaf are in full color on the Parkway and it is beautiful to see . Have not seen any Bear or Elk but the day is still early.  We are starting back toward the Gatlinburg area to find some lunch.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Day in the Smoky Mountains

Today we spend some time just driving around the area and doing a little sightseeing in the area. We also stopped by the Colman outlet store and looked at all the camping gear and supplies. There was a lot to see. After that we took a drive through Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg , the traffic was a bad and we spent a lot of time in stop and go traffic. This was the road headed into Gatlinburg, and it was just as bad once we got in the Smoky Mountains. Guess everyone was out enjoying the good weather. All the lookouts where packed with cars and most of the trail heads had cars lined up on the road. But we still had a great time. The views from the lookouts where great, the ones that we could pull into that is.


                                                           traffic       water falls

All the lookouts where packed with cars and most of the trail heads had cars lined up on the road. But we still had a great time. The views from the lookouts where great, the ones that we could pull into that is.





We drove on through the Smoky Mountains to Cherokee NC and did more sightseeing . It was just as busy there also traffic backed up and moving slow. We spent a lot of the day sitting in traffic. This guy would just out in the middle of the street and direct traffic ( not sure what he was on ).



After spending the day driving around we stopped in to one of our favorite burger places ( Steak and Shake ) they have great burgers and shakes. Everyone knows that I can not past up a good milk shake.


After putting all that food away I was ready to head back to the camper and settle in for the night ( nap time ) and hang around the camp site. Not sure what we will be doing or where we are headed tomorrow but will updating as often as we can .

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sevierville, Tennessee

We made it to our second stop ( Sevierville TN. ) after a long 6 hour drive. The trip was a easy one for the most part, traffic was not bad at all and we where able to make good time. We did stop to Cracker Barrel for lunch. Sorry I did not get any pictures along the way just didn’t think about it. We are in Ripplin Waters Campground. I will be posting a review at the end of our stay. It is jammed pack full as are all the other campgrounds in the area. We are planning on being here until Monday. Hoping to get to see some of the things we did not get to see last year when we where in the area. Who knows we might even do the Mooonshine tour again!! Going to keep this one short, will be posting again in a day or some with updates.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Having Fun In The Mountains

We are having a good time in the mountains now that the sun is out. The weather has been a little cooler doing the nights but warms up some doing the day. We saw another bear yesterday but was unable to stop for a picture because of all the traffic.  Guess everyone is out riding and looking at the fall colors which seem to be off to a slow start. We are going to take a ride south down the drive today (Skyline Drive VA ).

The campground has been busy the last few days , lots of camp fires going at night and everyone sitting out enjoying the cool night. We have had a little change in plans and will not be leaving until Thursday  ,them we will be headed to Tennessee.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Skyline Dr.

We pulled out of Jane's Island State Park yesterday and it was nice and sunny  but by the time we arrived at Skyline Drive VA.  the sky was getting dark and the fog was setting in. Just after we got setup it was raining. It seems that every time we setup at a new campground it rains. Not sure how long we will be here in the mountains maybe 3 or 4 days. Today it is still raining and foggy. We did see two Bears on the way down the mountain for breakfast. Hopefully the weather will clear up.